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Turn Your Garden On It’s Head

Upside down gardening seems to be the rage, but of course I already knew that as the majority of my tomato plants were grown in buckets hanging upside down. Here’s more on the fad of upside down gardening: Growing Vegetables Upside Down

Nothing Beats Fresh Canned Beets

Beets are one of my favorite vegetables! If you just like beets and want information on how to preserve them safely.  Read on:Fresh Beets

Gather your canning supplies

  • pressure canner
  • canning jars
  • canning seals and rings
  • large pot or blancher to cook beets
  • jar lifter
  • canning funnel
  • sharp knife

Select beets that are 1 to 2 inches in diamater, wash the beets and leave approx 2 inches of stems and the tap root on. Boil the beets in a large pot until the skins can be slipped off. This will take a couple of minutes. You’ll just need to watch. It always takes longer that I think it needs to. It helps to scrape a spoon against the beets while cooking to see when the skins start to scrape off easily. Drain and let the beets cool until they can be easily hr handled. Using you hands peel off the skins and cut the stems and tap roots off. You can leave the beets whole or slice them. When you’re done, you will have lovely beet red hands. Pack the beets into hot jars, leaving an inch of head space. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of salt to each pint. Remove air bubbles and adjust the caps. Process the jars in your pressure canner for 35 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure. Canned Beets

Sunny Solar Fun – Shower Under The Stars

Solar Shower

Solar Shower

A solar shower is a fun, practical and a highly efficient, money saving device for summer. Over all, just a nice way to cool off at the end of a hot summer day. For the past several years we’ve hooked up a sort of half-assed outdoor shower by connecting a hose to our kitchen sink and running out the window to a shower head attachment. This year I decided I wanted to build a solar heated outdoor shower. I searched the “net”, found several plans but nothing that met my requirements of cheap and easy to build. So I designed my own plan using only material and building supplies we had laying round, as you see it ain’t pretty but it’s practical. Plus there is nothing like getting naked on a hot summer night, showering under the stars. Ah, now that’s the life…