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Veggietricity – How To Power Your Home On Vegetable Waste Oil


Getting Off The Grid

Bank of BatteriesEver wish you could sever the ties to your electric company? With alternative energy sources, it may be possible. Getting off the grid is a term that refers to a home not consuming any electricity from the local electric company. Getting off the grid doesn’t mean you have to live primitively. You can still have a full ranges of appliances including washer and dryer, refrigerator, stove and even a dishwasher. When it comes to whether or not you can reasonably expect to produce all of your own energy, it’s all about your lifestyle; everyone will be different, depending on different individual needs. Have a home office or computer? Like to watch television? Do you have carpets that need regular vacuuming? Have a family of five, or is it just you?

inverterWhile it’s tempting to pull yourself off the grid entirely, you should start with a smaller system to supplement your main supply of electricity. You’ll have fewer up-front costs and you’ll also be able to gauge how much energy is needed to power the entire household. It makes sense to get a system that meets most of your needs and rely on the grid for extreme energy usage than it does to purchase an over-sized system you may not need.
In our quest to remove our household from the grid we’ve re-evaluated our home and lifestyle; getting rid of “stuff” we don’t need or can live without; updated our appliances to be more energy efficient; started growing our own food and eliminated Bank of batteriesour debt. We done hours of research into cost effective ways on producing our own electricity. We’ve purchased 5000 watt inverter; a diesel motor which runs on vegetable oil (which we get for free from local restaurants) to act as a generator to power a bank of batteries. We’ve also installed a system in our truck to charge a small bank of batteries while on the road. That way we can just plug the truck battery bank into the house for additional power. Eventually we will install other alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power. Although we are not completely off the grid yet, we’re getting there and definitely headed in the right direction.