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What’s the buzz? A bunch homeless bees!

What's the buzz

What's the buzz

I witnessed my first honey bee swarm today. MadJack and I were sitting at the picnic table in the back yard enjoying the beautiful day, when we heard a massive buzzing sound; looked up and saw thousands of bees swirling in the sky. This activity continued as the bees started to collect and settle on a tree branch high above our dog Cody’s house. I ran inside and grabbed the binoculars to get a better view of this phenomenal site. As awesome as this event was I still found it a bit frightening even though the bee swarms are usually not aggressive. Apparently bee swarms are homeless bees seeking a new hive. Per the experts, swarming is an instinctive part of the annual life cycle of a honey bee colony. It provides a mechanism for the colony to reproduce itself. The tendency to swarm is usually greatest when bees increase their population rapidly in late spring and early summer. When honey bees swarm they will settle on a tree limb, bush, or other convenient site. The cohesiveness of the swarm is due to their attraction to a pheromone produced by the queen. The swarm will send out scout bees to seek a cavity to nest in and will move on when a suitable nesting site is found.

A swarm in May – is worth a load of hay.

A swarm in June – is worth a silver spoon.

A swarm in July – isn’t worth a fly.