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Wireless Methane and Natural Gas Water Well Monitor

smallwowThe folks at WOW Sensors have come up with a Wireless Methane and Natural Gas Water Well Monitor. Predetermines methane and nature gas content of your water well or your local air quality BEFORE, AFTER and DURING gas well operations in your area. The M4CH4W gas sensor is specifically designed for monitoring the gas content of a water well and surrounding air space. Unit is made to withstand the elements and durable for outdoor use. This unit is attached to the well head and has a breather tube which is installed into the well. Gases that occur in the well are read and reported by the unit. When the breather tube is removed the unit simply samples the surrounding air quality.


  • WiFi Enabled
  • Can email or instant message you if levels are reached that should be looked at by professionals.
  • On line dashboard shows all monitor levels.
  • Database file can be downloaded to manipulate data or save all rerecorded data.
  • On line data base sheet showing all activity unit has recorded.
  • Community share program so you can monitor activity on several units in any area.
  • Google map shows your sensor and allows you to compare your activity with surrounding gas and water wells in your area.
  • On average one sunny day a week will keep it charged and running.
  • Other gases this unit can read is propane. Unit can be used to detect pipe or tank leakage.

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Spring Cleansing

3 day detoxLike 50% of Americans I start the new year off with the resolution to loose weight, then fail and give up about mid February. This year I made a firm resolution not to make any ridiculous resolutions that I will set myself up for failure, such as weigh loss. I will loose weight when I am ready to, not because it’s the “in” thing to do at the beginning of the year. So here I am, 3 months into 2013 and I am ready to loose weight. I am not entering into this goal as some fading fad, I am downright serious about it. I’ve researched, read and readied myself for this. Since March is generally the month we start thinking about spring and the eventual spring cleaning, I decided to Spring Cleanse my body in and effort to rid my body of toxins and to jump start my weight loss. I looked at a lot of detox/cleansing plans and none of them seemed right for me; I just couldn’t fathom drinking nothing but lemon juice with maple syrup for 10 days or purchasing some expensive detox chemical kit online. Then I came across Dr Oz’s 3-Day Detox/Cleanse. I will let you know right now, I am not a fan of Dr Oz as I find him kinda creepy; but I am a fan of his 3-Day Detox/Cleanse plan because it works. I will have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about starting a 3-Day Detox/Cleanse for fear that I would be starving for 3 days. Guess what, I wasn’t hungry at all, the drinks tasted great and best of all I lost 5 pounds!! YAY!

For those who are interested in doing this click here to download the shopping list and drink recipes. I have a few recommendations to add to the plan, first I suggest going with all organic fruits and veggies, second I recommend having a good blender, unless you don’t mind your drinks being a little on the chunky side and third I recommend substituting spinach for the kale as spinach blends better.

Now, that the detox/cleanse is over I have started on a 1200 calorie a day diet plan and I am combining it with exercise plan. My goal is to lose 40 lbs by September 2013. Stay tuned as I will be posting regular updates on my progress.