Green Collar Girl

Leslie Holbert - The Green Collar Girl

Green Collar Girl is about YOU! It’s about your mother, daughters, aunts, nieces, girlfriends and neighbors, too. Why? Because as women, we can and will be the world’s most powerful economic and environmental force if we act collectively and intentionally shift our lifestyles and spending to a more greener way of life. Because as women, we want our children and their families to live on a cleaner, greener and safer planet.

You’ve probably noticed that green is everywhere these days, in the news, politics, fashion, and even technology. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed, it’s also so easy to begin taking simple steps towards a positive impact. I will share hints and tips we all need to make important, affordable choices and actions that can actually improve the air we breathe and the water we drink; the safety of the food we eat; while surviving on a budget. Embracing a greener lifestyle isn’t just about helping to preserve rain forests, it will also improve your health, pad your bank account, and, ultimately, improve your overall quality of life. Why wouldn’t anyone want to green?