An energy efficient clothes dryer that saves money…who woulda thunk it!

Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer

Energy Efficient Clothes Dryer

Lurking in the basement of American homes is a box which destroys clothing and gets paid to do it. These unsuspecting Americans pay for the electricity or gas that this box chugs down, put up with the demands the frequent sacrifice of a single sock, sigh in annoyance as garments cling together at the end of the ordeal and then shrug and continue to feed it. They don’t realize that the problems can be eliminated by air-drying clothing.

Here in NE PA, with the weather getting warmer and the time just about right to start hanging clothes outside again. There is absolutely nothing better than the sweet smell of sun dried clothing fresh off the clothesline.

Here’s the benefits from drying outside:

Less damage to your clothes: Repeated drying at high-temps can reduce fabric strength, cause elastic to break down and T-shirt lettering to peel. It can also distort the shapes of knit garments and not to mention the tumbling action of the dryer causes wear & tear on seams.

Less shocking: Air-drying means less static cling. True, air-dried clothes feel a bit stiff at first. Just remind yourself that the stiffness means clothes are freshly washed, and soon you’ll find that those “nice soft clothes” feel dirty!

Less harmful for the environment: Except for refrigerators and washing machines, dryers use more energy annually than other major household appliances.

More money in the bank: Air-drying your clothes is free – you’ll never pay another cent to dry your clothes.


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