Feed Your Face

If you’re like me, you’re tired of being bombarded with ads that claim to give you healthy, younger looking skin in just weeks. You look in the mirror and see all these fine lines or wrinkles that seem to appear overnight and wonder if “this product” will work for me? Then you go to the store in search of that “fountain of youth” in a jar that will restore your natural glow. You hesitate for a moment at the cost, then go ahead and make the purchase because beauty has it’s price. Get home and slather this potion on your face daily, hoping that in 6 weeks you won’t look like a Shar-Pei any more. I have one word for you: FAIL. These products do not work! They are not the elixir of youth, they cost an arm and a leg; not mention the list of toxic chemical you’re putting on you skin is frightening. So what’s a girl to do? Seek out natural, green alternatives of course. Some of the cheapest, most natural, eco-friendly skin care products are found right in your own kitchen. Milk can be used to remove make-up. Olive oil will remove mascara and eye-liner. Try a sugar scrub to exfoliate your face. Give yourself a facial with an egg, honey, yogurt and olive oil mask. While you’re at it, slap on a couple of cucumber slice over your eyes to reduce puffiness and remove those dark circles. Finally, tone it up with some lime juice. Since I’ve started feeding my face with skin care products from my kitchen, my face feels great! It’s clearer, softer, smoother and has a healthy radiant glow again, all a matter of days (not weeks). Feed your Face your skin will thank you later!


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