The Old New Perfection

This past summer I purchased what I thought was a wood stove oven at the annual Bouckville-Madison Antique show, located in my childhood hometown of Bouckville, NY. After scouring the internet for more information, I found the oven was actually a part for the Royalite New Perfection Oil Stove made around 1915. Because of opening in the bottom I knew this oven could also be use on the top of a wood stove. At the time of purchase I had kinds of great ideas for baking my winter bread on the top of my wood stove, but since it was still summer, I put the oven in the garage and promptly forgot about it until today when we ran out of propane and I needed to bake bread. Being Sunday and the day after Christmas plus the added fact we fill our propane tanks ourselves as opposed to having it delivered; we’re sh*t out of luck and gas. Yeah, I know I could have gone to one of those tank exchanges and paid an arm & leg for propane, or even drove 3 mile to the nearest gas station for some stale, overpriced bread; but remember, I’m a cheapskate. I can live without propane but I can’t live without bread. Well…I could live without bread and I might even loose a few pounds in the process, but I don’t want to right now. I got a few more days to pig out before New Years rolls around and roly-poly me rolls right on annual resolution wagon to loose weight. Being the resourceful person I am, I dug that oven out of the garage, plopped that sucker down on my wood stove and proceeded to bake bread. The result was a perfectly golden brown loaf, produced from my old 1915 New Perfection Oven.


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