How Do Your Tomatoes Grow – A Good Idea or Just A Fad?

tomatoesYou see all sorts of planters these days for growing tomatoes upside down. You see them on TV, magazines and stores. They seem to be a hot selling item, but are they a good idea, or is the whole idea of growing tomatoes upside down just a fad? Growing tomatoes upside down according to the experts has many benefits: no need to stake your tomato plants; fewer problems with slugs and other soil based pests; soil borne disease is significantly reduced because you can use fresh potting soil; weeds are almost no problem; and air movement around the plants is improved, so you get good pollination, and few problems with rot. I have my fingers crossed hoping they are right because this year instead of the traditional method, growing tomatoes in the garden, I decided to grow my tomatoes upside down. There’s no need to purchase a pre-made growing kit, I used several 5 gallon buckets, drilled a 2 inch hole in the bottom of the bucket, filled it with soil (a mix of purchased garden soil and my own compost soil), put the lid on and turned the bucket upside down. Using the hole in the bottom of the bucket dig out enough soil for you tomato plant roots to fit in and carefully slide your plant into the hole. Fill any space between the bucket and the plant with soil or use some newspaper to fill any gaps. Next, turn your tomato bucket right side up and hang secure location that will allow your tomato plant to get lots of sunshine. Don’t forget to give your plants plenty of water, enough to reach the bottom of the bucket.


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