Plan A Picnic

ecofriendlyMemorial day weekend is usually viewed as the unofficial beginning of summer picnic season. This year make all your picnics eco-friendly, this can be just what you need to get started on your commitment to a ‘greener’ lifestyle! Here’s some tips in planing your own eco-friendly picnic:

  • Start with packing your supplies in a good “old fashion” picnic basket
  • Use reusable utensils, tablecloths, coldpacks, thermoses, insulated bags, packs, plastic containers, cloth napkins, dish towels, etc.
  • Choose fresh local organic foods. Support your local farms
  • Stay local, picnic in a nearby park and walk or bike to your destination
  • PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Take Away Your Garbage

In general enjoy nature and the surrounding beauty. Take a walk, fly a kite, watch the birds or study the clouds…have fun!


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