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Spring Cleansing

3 day detoxLike 50% of Americans I start the new year off with the resolution to loose weight, then fail and give up about mid February. This year I made a firm resolution not to make any ridiculous resolutions that I will set myself up for failure, such as weigh loss. I will loose weight when I am ready to, not because it’s the “in” thing to do at the beginning of the year. So here I am, 3 months into 2013 and I am ready to loose weight. I am not entering into this goal as some fading fad, I am downright serious about it. I’ve researched, read and readied myself for this. Since March is generally the month we start thinking about spring and the eventual spring cleaning, I decided to Spring Cleanse my body in and effort to rid my body of toxins and to jump start my weight loss. I looked at a lot of detox/cleansing plans and none of them seemed right for me; I just couldn’t fathom drinking nothing but lemon juice with maple syrup for 10 days or purchasing some expensive detox chemical kit online. Then I came across Dr Oz’s 3-Day Detox/Cleanse. I will let you know right now, I am not a fan of Dr Oz as I find him kinda creepy; but I am a fan of his 3-Day Detox/Cleanse plan because it works. I will have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive about starting a 3-Day Detox/Cleanse for fear that I would be starving for 3 days. Guess what, I wasn’t hungry at all, the drinks tasted great and best of all I lost 5 pounds!! YAY!

For those who are interested in doing this click here to download the shopping list and drink recipes. I have a few recommendations to add to the plan, first I suggest going with all organic fruits and veggies, second I recommend having a good blender, unless you don’t mind your drinks being a little on the chunky side and third I recommend substituting spinach for the kale as spinach blends better.

Now, that the detox/cleanse is over I have started on a 1200 calorie a day diet plan and I am combining it with exercise plan. My goal is to lose 40 lbs by September 2013. Stay tuned as I will be posting regular updates on my progress.