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Ease The Daily Grind By Making Your Own Coffee

Several years ago my partner in crime MadJack purchased an old fashion coffee grinder at a garage sale. The box was in disrepair, missing the coffee drawer and sat on a shelf in basement collecting dust. As part of our adventure of “Living Green” it was discussed that we should grind our own coffee beans. So I decided to refurbish this old coffee grinder into a useful tool. Since I am not too handy with wood working tools (let’s face it, I’m a klutz) I purchased fancy cigar box at the local tobacco store. I disassemble the original box and used it as a template and voila… before I knew it, I had transformed a dust collector into a working hand-cranked coffee mill. Is worth it? Hell yes! Not only are we saving energy by hand grinding or coffee, we also get the added benefit of a great cuppa joe!

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