The Reign of Tyranny and Terror Ends

Spiedie Joe

The reign of tyranny and terror through dominance with a beak and talons, which controlled my backyard has been terminated. We’re talking about a major political overthrow, leading to the assassination of the leader of my feathered flock. Yeah, you guessed it…the rooster that has terrorized me for almost a year is finally dead. It was quick and painless; quite truthfully I don’t think he knew what hit him (BB gun to the brain). It was so fast and quiet, that his harem continued to scratch and peck at the ground without a care in the world not realizing their sole mating male was gone. The swiftness of this planned covert execution left me momentarily shell shocked and I was touched with pangs of guilt and remorse. But those pangs were short lived as I soon became flooded with relief. No more looking over my shoulder when I venture out into the backyard. No more carrying a wepon of defense with me when I go to gather eggs. No more blasted crowing at the crack of dawn. It’s enough to make a person break out in song:

“Ding Dong! The rooster’s dead. Which old rooster? The rotten rooster!
Ding Dong! The rotten rooster is dead.
Wake up – sleepy head, no more crowing, get out of bed.
Wake up, the rotten rooster’s dead. He’s gone where the goblins go,
Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the dinner bells.
Ding Dong’ the dinner-oh, suppers on, let’s eat ’em now.
Let them know The rotten rooster is dead! “


Hanging With My Peeps – RIP


Last night a fox got into our chicken coop and took all 12 of my chickens. Needless to say, I am heartbroken and feeling guilty that I should have protected them better. Who would have ever thought that chickens could become pets?!? Those lovely Red Star Hens taught me that chickens have their own unique personalities and with tender loving care can become affectionate pets who learn their names, come when you call them and crave attention. In loving memory of Red, Amelia, Wilma, Lucy, Blondie, Henrietta, Miss Adventure, Golden Girl, Blanche, Sophia, Florence and Pebbles; I am reposting my original post of “Hanging With My Peeps”

Part of our goal in having more control over the food we eat is to raise chickens. Those of you who know me are well aware that I’ve always hated chickens with a passion and vowed I would never ever raise chickens. It stems from childhood when my dad decided we should have chickens since we had a chick coop on our farm. All I really remember is my mother sending us kids out the coop to collect eggs and opening the door to have hundreds of chickens (well it seemed like hundreds but it was only a few) fly into our faces. They were mean, nasty, dirty birds that even my mother hated, but she solved that problem, we had them for dinner. So what made me change my mind about raising chickens? Research! I searched for a way to keep insects and weeds under control in my garden. The answer was chickens.

We started with 6 Red Star chicks which are so darn cute, you can’t help but love ’em. Currently they are living in a crate in my living room until they are fully feathered and can go outside into the real world. Next I purchased 6 fully grown Red Star hens that are approximately 1 year old. These girls immediately helped me over come my life long hatred of chickens by being so calm, sweet and friendly. Who knew chickens could be so friendly? They come when I call them and love to follow me around the garden. In just a few days they went from being chickens to being pets. I have even named them (Red, Blondie, Amelia, Henrietta, Wilma and Lucy).