Whisk It Up

Repurpose Man and I have been busy building new projects in anticipation for the upcoming Flea Market Season. This project is a lamp a built using an industrial whisk head which I purchased at Bostwick’s Auctions, this past winter. I’ve seen several project’s where folks have turned this item into a hanging lamp but I thought it would be cool to “whisk it up” and turn it into a table lamp. Here’s the results


Come see us at our first flea market of the season on May 21, 2017 at the Found Flea, located at 227 Cherry St Ithaca, NY 14850


From Girly To Gothic

DSCN4762It’s never to early to start thinking about Halloween. I betcha you though I was going to say Christmas? In this household, Halloween is a major holiday. No, we’re not into devil worship or anything like that; we just like pumpkins, ghost, goblins and things that go bump in the night. So I decided to start our Halloween repurpose projects early. With this project she took a girly-girl bedroom lamp with a old “yellowed” shade and restored it into a work of art. Using a hammer black finish on the lamp, gives it a more modern look without hiding the beauty of the rose pattern on lamp body. The we lightly painted the shade a flat black to give the lamp a gothic but girly look.


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Stash Bar

The “Stash Bar” is the ultimate micro mini bar with a renaissance look. The “Stash Bar” is inconspicuous, repurposed jewelry box which can be used to hide your alcoholic refreshments from prying eyes or displayed as micro mini bar. The box conveniently holds 2 200 ml bottles, 1 “airline” bottle and 2 shot glasses.

DSCN4564 DSCN4595
DSCN4603 DSCN4602